HSE & Quality




We believe that there is no compromise on health, safety and environmental care in our industry. We strive to set our targets in those areas and achieve them by continuous improvement in our business activity. Work conducted by G-Drilling S.A. complies with all applicable laws, regulations, relevant technical standards and so called good oilfield practices developed by the industry throughout years.

We made our systematic approach to HSE management known to our employees and business partners. They represent our commitment to a safe, incident free working environment and our collective responsibility to prevent damage to the natural environment, our employees and other stakeholders.

We consider leadership and commitment fundamental to the success of HSE management and believe that it is the responsibility of all employees and contractors to work safely, ensuring that all safety related procedures affecting their work are thoroughly implemented. Our employees are involved in safety programs and open discourse on that matter. Clear and relevant HSE Management System provides a systematic vision of our objectives.

Our rigs are provided with appropriate set of HSE documents, including those pointing all major hazards and  indentifying tools for either elimination or reduction of risks to personnel. We use widely recognized tools and systems, including safety observation program, helping us to identify and measure trends in our safety performance and actively prevent negative events before they arise. As a result our employees feel responsible for not only for their own safety but also that of their workmates, resulting in a more complete and comprehensive safety culture.


G-Drilling S.A. established, documented and implemented an Integrated Management System which complies with the requirements of the following standards:

  • PN-EN ISO 9001:2015   Quality Management System,
  • PN-EN ISO 14001:2015   Environmental Management System,
  • PN-N – 18001:2004   Safety and Health Management System.

Having implemented the above mentioned systems, the company was granted the following certificates: valid until May 10, 2021.

The unit responsible for certification of the Company’s Management System is PCC-CERT Ltd.
The quality policy is implemented and understood by all employees. The basic document of the implemented system is the G-Drilling S.A. Management Book and it contains a description of the integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of the above mentioned standards. The Management Book is a document for the maintenance and improvement of the management system of the company, and it represents the will of the staff and the Chairman of the Board, by whom it has been entirely approved. The Management Book is an overarching document to other documents which has already been implemented and applied in the G-Drilling S.A. Management System.


Zmiana firmy spółki z United Oilfield Services S.A. na UOS Drilling S.A. 


Szanowni Państwo,
informujemy, że dnia 1 lipca 2019 r. nastąpiło połączenie G-Drilling S.A. z United Oilfield Services S.A. (UOS). Połączenie nastąpiło poprzez przeniesienie całego majątku G-Drilling S.A. jako spółki przejmowanej na United Oilfield Services S.A. jako spółkę przejmującą.

W konsekwencji połączenia spółek, G-Drilling S.A. jako spółka przejęta, z dniem połączenia została rozwiązana i przestała istnieć jako osobny podmiot w obrocie prawnym, a we wszystkie jej prawa i obowiązki wstąpiła United Oilfield Services S.A., kontynuując dotychczasową działalność G-Drilling S.A.

Dzięki połączeniu United Oilfield Services S.A. oraz G-Drilling S.A. powstał podmiot o potencjale, który umożliwia nam skuteczne konkurowanie nie tylko na rynku polskim, ale również i w Europie. Gama urządzeń oraz doświadczenie obu firm pozwawa na świadczenie najwyższej jakości usług wiertniczych we wszystkich obszarach rynku oraz w dowolnej formule współpracy z inwestorami. 

Dnia 30 września 2019 r. Sąd zarejestrował zmianę firmy spółki z United Oilfield Services S.A. na UOS Drilling S.A.

Poniżej wskazujemy dane rejestrowe spółki przejmującej:
UOS Drilling S.A.
ul. Żelazna 59/404, 00-848 Warszawa
NIP 5272642413, REGON: 142693020, KRS: 0000754863
Wysokość kapitału zakładowego: 74 148 300,00 zł.

W razie pytań prosimy o kontakt.: TEL.: 22 849 24 51, E-MAIL: INFO@UOS.PL